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The owner, founder & head mechanic Tom Fuller built the Elfworkz brand since 1999. The story starts out with a guy doing website design, graphic design & minor programming. Elfworkz Design was born and rolled on till the end of 2006 thats when the 06 CBR 600rr showed up.

Tom was a mechanic from the mid 80’s with experience in anything mechanical, his motto “If it can be fixed I can fix it.” in early 07 after friends realized they could get their bikes serviced cheap they started showing up in Tom’s back yard. This is usually what happens when people find out you’re smarter than you look.

In 2008 the web & graphic world started to fizzle and Tom himself started to burn out, so he decided to simply focus all of his energy into doing repair. dedicating all his time to turning wrenches and keeping the rubber on the road. the machine was definitely growing.

In the summer of 2009 Tom joined a motorcycle family club called FLNY RYDERZ all of a sudden he had a whole new bunch of bikes to work on. club bikes and independent bikes alike began coming to the shop in the back yard on the regular. in 2015 Tom with the help of his then Biz Partner Erik “Tuna” Brandt decided to move the shop to a new location taking it to the next level. unfortunately the new shop was to expensive and couldn’t get the necessary zoning, licensing and whatnot needed to make a go there. so after a 2 month lesson on how NOT to open a shop, the shop moved back to the house.

Tom was furious and disappointed but determined this would not be the end. in April of 2016 Erik was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident which took Eriks life. Tom and his whole family and friends were all crushed. Tom knew he had to move knew it was what was supposed to happen.

In June a Customer offered a loan to help move the shop to the current location. So on June 15th 2016 the lease was signed the money was spent and the licenses were procured. on July 12th 2016 the doors opened with 3 motorcycles inside and by the end of August 1st the shop was full and the machine was running.

So here we are may of 2018 preparing for our 2nd year anniversary at the shop looking forward to the future.


Tom “Keeb” Fuller

Founder & CEO

Graphical and Visual Services

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